My name is Ryan Andrew Gault. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina. I’m a student at NC State University studying Creative Writing and minoring in Arts Entrepreneurship. I Also work, teaching piano lessons two days a week, interning as Visual Art Exchange as a social media and marketing “guru,” and at Gap on weekends. My life is very busy lately and I rarely get any free time to relax or just hang out, but it’s all good because I know that when I graduate from college I’ll be well equipped to enter the work force and tackle whatever gets thrown in my direction.

With this blog I hope to put my creative fiction on display for public viewing and maybe even a little feedback. As an aspiring writer, I know that the only way to get published is to write, write, and write, and when that’s done, write some more. I also know that it’s a waste to let stories sit in a file on my computer and never get the chance to be read. Most of them may not be worthy of traditional publishing, but that is always the case for any writer’s work, not just mine. So I hope you, whoever and wherever you are, enjoy my work, and if you have some feedback, don’t be afraid to share.

I also tend to carry certain opinions about whatever political or diplomatic hoopla is in the media at any given time. I hope to post my opinions here, not necessarily for to share with others, but as an outlet for my own self. It is difficult, sometimes, living in an era in which the majority of my peers neglect to participate in political discourse or even garner some basic understanding of what is happening, not just nationally, but globally in the news. I also am disheartened at the gross number of Americans allow themselves to be told what to think by media pundits and talking heads or their misinformed family members. We live in an age of information, where anyone can have access to all of the world’s knowledge at the click of a mouse, and yet we do little to take advantage of such ease of access. I’ll do everything I can to make my voice heard, no matter how small it may be at first, and to help shape a better, brighter future for America and the World.


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